British Vogue is Obsessed With Kate Middleton

Its a well known fact that British Vogue is insanely obsessed with Kate Middleton, rumour has it she turned down an offer to cover British Vogue Twice
Well recently they (British Vogue) conducted a study on Kate's style. KATEPEDIA, an analysis of Katy Cambridge’s style. O_O

  • According to British Vogue's  tally, Kate Middleton wears boat necklines 42 percent of the time she makes public appearances.Kate wears blue 24 per cent of the time, holds her clutch in both hands 48 per cent of the time, tilts her hats and fascinators at a perfect 50 degree angle, sports something called a "Chelsea blow dry” 73.4 per cent of the time, and wears earrings with an average drop of 33 mm. 
  • The Average Diameter of Her Curls Is... 25mm. They,British Vogue, somehow somweway measured Kate Middleton's signature hair curls and they ring in at 25mm in diameter 
  •  Kate Middleton Shows an Average of 8.6 teeth when she smiles. You know what this means right? British Vogue counted all the teeth she showed in her gazillion photos and it averaged to 8.6 teeth