Did Beyonce Lip Sync?

Theres been several stories on Beyonce's perfomance at the inauguration, leaving questions did the 16 time Grammy winner lip sync during the country's most important event?

There's been no word from Beyoncé and her camp yet, but the story has the mainstream media churning out a flurry of reports that range from speculative to confirmations that the Grammy winner lip-synched.But there are also reports defending the performance, insisting it was live. Over at Jezebel, a tipster sent in a link to the Wall Street Journal's videoof Bey's performance. "The camera man was using his own mic, and he/she were so close that he could hear the mic feed over the speakers, AND Beyoncé's actual voice," the tipster wrote. "That echo is the feedback, which is why she took her ear piece out.