Kenya's Silicon Savanah City

Kenya has begun construction on the new city of Konza -- the so-called "Silicon Savannah" -- as it seeks to cement its position as one of the main centres of Africa's technology sector.
Located 64km south of Nairobi, the £9.1bn city will turn what is currently empty savannah into 20.1km2 mixed-use city that the Kenyan government claims will eventually generate as many as 200,000 jobs by the time its final construction phase is finished in 2030. Tax breaks are being offered to companies willing to invest in moving to the new city.
The site is currently occupied only by a highway, around which the city will grow in a triangular shape. There will be 35,000 homes, schools for all ages and a new university, all designed so that residents can easily get to the two business parks by public transport, walking or cycling. The plan is apparently heavily-influenced by similar "new cities", like Cyberjaya in Malaysia, Cyber Cityin Mauritius and Egypt's Smart Village