Black is beautiful

                In Senegal, a citizens’ movement was created in 2012 to demand the withdrawal of posters advertising skin lightening products.  ”in 15 days” mobilization is now winning the fight against the practice of depigmentation, particularly through the social networks.
In Senegal, The Movement that started in September 2012  discourages skin bleaching and promotes the beauty of natural dark skin,withdrawal skin lightening advertising posters, billboards...The fight of depigmentation through social networks.So Far The movement has been succesfull in getting heavy amount of coverage and response. I'm genuinely proud, if we support our one beauty with force and unity and discourage skin lightening...we can make it work! This is a great example Senegal is setting for African countries..

It all began when, between August and September 2012, appeared to Dakar large billboards of a cosmetic product called "Khess petch" national language Wolof expression meaning "all white.""Quick Action", "results in 15 days", can be read on these boards illustrated with a tube of cream remover and two photos of a young woman: black "before" clear "after" depigmentation practice known locally as "kheessal" (bleaching)."It shocked us," display "implying that Black is not beautiful because it suggests that young women turn into 15 days!" Aisha told AFP Deme, head of the cultural portal"In response spontaneously, we wanted to sublimate the black woman and was launched + Ñuul Kukk +, which means + all black + or + all black +", adds the pretty and slender young woman with dark skin, wearing a flower in his abundant curly hair.Result: other posters, this time showing a beautiful black woman, made their appearance in Dakar. Work carried out "gracefully" by fashion photographer Stéphane Filmed and advertising professionals.
Read an Interview Below By  Mr. Amadou Dieng, media relations for Nuul Kukk

Q: What inspired the Nuul Kukk movement/campaign?

A: We at Nuul Kukk were actually inspired by the billboard campaign for a skin bleaching product called “Khess Petch” (Wolof for light skin). We were so shocked and outraged that we thought that we had to do something. So a few of us, including the agency, professional photographer Stephane Tourne, agencies Optima, Numerika and Cidop, decided to reply with the Nuul Kukk movement, basically to say that black skin is just as beautiful as lighter skin, or white skin. We do not need, men or women, to bleach our skins to be or feel beautiful.” Even before the Nuul Kukk movement, there were associations of doctors, dermatologists, and others who were already advocating against the practice of skin bleaching. A petition requesting that the skin whitening product “Khess Petch” had already been initiated, our movement came to give all this a boost.

Q: What is the objective of the Nuul Kukk campaign?
A: We want to answer back to all the campaigns and products encouraging darker skinned people to bleach their skins. Our wish is to ignite the debate around it, call up the attention of officials and governements (which seriously are taking too long to react). But most importantly, we want to convey the message to our sisters, mothers and daughters that they should remain natural, whatever the color of their skin. This is not a debate against lighter skin, but against all those who are endangering themselves and others around them in an attempt to change their skin color. It is not only degrading for all of us, but also presents a serious health risk, especially when it comes to skin cancer. It is important to sensitize young girls under the age of 15, because they are the future, and should mature with the right idea that natural is better.
Q: How is this campaign financed?
A: We are auto-financed. Numerika, Optima and Cidop, all local advertising agencies, along with Agendakar, a cultural agency, are providing billboards, transportation, ..etc.
Q: What are you asking the public, both at a national and international level?
A: We are asking that people everywhere be reminded and remind everyone that Black IS Beautiful! That skin bleaching is source of cancer and other diseases. Whatever skin color we have been blessed with, let’s let it shine!
Q: Plans for the future?
A: Encourage the governing officials to actively handle this issue and find solutions to eradicate the practice of skin whitening. As for us, we are determined to continue bringing our contribution to resolve this issue some day.