CSEE Form 4 Marksheets

A Teacher holds up a form 4 marksheets,  sad shame

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 suggested form 4 failures should be taken to JKT instead and receive vocational training. What do you think?
Tanzania form.4 results out, 60 percent failed. troubling for a nation seeking domestic skills to work economic progress
Form 4 results out, 60% (240,903) fail! It's NATIONAL DISASTER ! It's emergency! Urgent serious steps must be taken NOW
Overheard, "so it means in the next 5-10years, 6 out of 10 people watakua wazinguaji waliofeli form 4" ..sad at the truth in this statement!
form 4 is the year that everyone finds out that theyre an idiot
TeamDiva form 4 results! Blame it on Diva
R.I.P to that boy from Tabora who commit suicide after last year form 4 results.
200,000++ out of 300,000++ that sat for form 4 NECTA have failed. TF wrong with the education sector in our country?Good morning Jakaya Kikwete, Good Morning NECTA, Good morning Form foooooooour!!!!