Kenya's First Televised Presidential Debate... The Public Response

What did you think of the debate?

I for one thought it was a little shabby, easy questions from the moderators, well, some. Break a sweat? Naaah. 
Raila was ill prepared
James Ole Kiyiapi is a talented performer
Paul Muite was using the ICC card to press Raila and Uhuru
Musalia Mudavadi wants to privatise everything! (is that good?)
Uhuru now claims his ICC matters are personal O_o
Martha Karua was a beautiful distraction, i kid.. she did well.
Peter Kenneth didnt deliver
Mohammed Dida was okay
Check out this video of  a couple of reactions of the Debate
Debate Reactions-Diaspora

Debate Reactions-Mombasa

and Read the Twitter Responses Below and Tell us what you thought