Lewis Hamilton Buys Private Jet

Whats long distance when you have the money? Buy a Jet Dammit...see them everyday..problem solved!
lives of the rich and famous *sigh*
The Formula 1 driver tweeted this photo last month relaxing on what appeared to be one of the jet's reclining leather seats, captioning it: 'End of the day, back to the mountains to train!'
The Formula 1 driver hopes the blood-red Bombardier CL-600, which cruises at 500mph, will ease the strain of his long-distance relationship with X Factor judge Scherzinger

The formula 1 race car driver lives in Monaco while his long time girlfriend ex pussycat  doll lives in Los Angeles.Friends say the 28-year-old bought the top-of-the-range jet to make travelling to see his girlfriend as pain-free as possible.The couple split briefly in 2011, reportedly due to the pressure of spending so much time thousands of miles apart.The plane is fitted with a pull-out bed, several plasma television screens and a bar. And the 2008 world champion has given it a personal touch by changing the official registration to G-LCDH, standing for Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton.