South Africa's Richest Black Man donating half his wealth to the poor

I decided quite some time ago to give at least half of the funds generated by our family assets to uplift poor and other disadvantaged and marginalised South Africans but was also duty-bound and committed to ensuring that it would be done in a way that protects the interests and retains the confidence of our shareholders and investors.he says he was also inspired by the spirit of "ubuntu" - an African belief system which translates as "I am because you are", meaning individuals need other people to be fulfilled.

Heard this early morning sunday so I bought a begger outfit and a plane ticket and I'm off to south Africa....
If all Africans one by one stop waiting on outside help and start solving problems one by one...oh how wonderful it all be.
South Africa's richest black man, Patrice Motsepe, has announced he is giving away half his wealth to improve the lives of the poor.
The mining magnate said the money would be handled by the Motsepe Foundation to address education and health issues.
He said he was inspired by the word's two wealthiest men, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, who are encouraging billionaires to donate to charity.
Mr Motsepe has a net worth of $2.65bn (£1.67bn), Forbes' rich list estimates.
He said he was also going to join the The Giving Pledge, a campaign started by Mr Gates and investor Mr Buffet in 2010. So far more than 70 billionaires have signed up to it.
His wife Precious Motsepe told the BBC
Yes we've got challenges but we also have an opportunity, particularly in this century, to turn our continent around and portray Africa in a positive light,We can begin to do things for ourselves that show the world that not only are we recipients of aid but we can also begin to do things for ourselves.