Swahili Fashion Week Zanzibar!

The largest fashion event in East and central Africa Swahili Fashion Week is officially slated to take place for the first time in Zanzibar, on Friday 15thFebruary, 2013 at Mbweni Ruins whereby iconic Designers from Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar are confirmed to showcase their collections with the excitement of making the remarkable fashion night in the Spice Islands.

Swahili Fashion Week collectively will bring together more than ten established local fashion designers to showcase their creativity and foster the development of Fashion industry in Tanzania and promote “Made in Africa” concept.

“The preparation is underway, we are ready to bring the flavor of Swahili Fashion Week in Zanzibar as we know large number of people will be in to Zanzibar for Sauti za Busara, this is the month of entertainment and excitement to all people in Zanzibar,The Swahili Fashion Week team is working days and nights so that we bring the show that will quench the thirst of fashion lovers in Zanzibar” Stated the founder and organizer of Swahili Fashion Week, Mustafa Hassanali

 “Bringing Swahili Fashion Week to Zanzibar audience, and keeping to the tradition of being the most entertaining fashion event this show shall unveil the fashion guru from Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar so as to showcase different creativity and cultural taste from the local designers as part of expanding our Fashion family and collaboration between Mainland and Zanzibar”, added Hassanali

Some of Designers will showcase are Asia Idarous (Humanitarian award winner, Swahili Fashion Week 2012), Dominick Godfrey, Subira Wahure, Ailinda Sawe (Origin Africa award winner, Swahili Fashion Week 2012) Martin Kadinda (Best men’s wear Designer of the year, Swahili Fashion Week 2012), Sarah Masenga (Emerging Designer of the Year, Swahili Fashion Week 2011), Gabriel Mollel (Designer of the year and Innovative Designer of the Year, Swahili Fashion Week 2012), Subira Wahure, Jamila Vera Swai, Salim Ali, Lucky Creations (Upcoming Designer of the year) and Hamed Abdul.

“Officially this is the first Swahili Fashion Week event in Zanzibar, whereby Swahili Fashion Week did the fashion show in Arusha in 2011 and the plan is to bring the show in all over major cities in Tanzania. Concluded Swahili Fashion Week Public Relations and Media Associate, Hassan Mrope

The show is scheduled to start from 7pm and tickets are available at Mbweni Ruins Hotel and Hotspot Bistro for 40,000/= front row seats and 20,000/= normal seats bought in advance.

Swahili Fashion Week Zanzibar show is proudly sponsored by Mbweni Ruins, ZG Tours, Daja Salon & Spa, Vayle Springs Clouds TV, Coconut Fm and 361 Degrees.