Tanzania Shines at London Fashion Week

Sunday afternoon district of Westminster in London ,was a competition of creativity and beauty in the international exhibition of London Fashion Week. This tournament took place in Somerset house on the corner stagnant established north of the river Thames.


Exhibition of London Fashion Week, which is still going in Somerset house from 14th  to 28th February. Two whole weeks of getting everyone involved with the business of fashion and beauty.The biggest names of fashion, designers,talent seekers, merchants, manufacturers, raw materials and industrial owners all meet at this fair.
On this day Tanzania was one of the only two African countries selected by the British Council to participate in the tournament LFW looking for talented youngster in the creative industries of garments and ornaments. Tanzanian Anna Lukindo, Jacqueline  and Christine Mhando the artists who carried the flag of our nation and representde us in these international competitions taking place every year for more than 27 years now. 
In support of the development of Tanzania and Tanzanians, our UK Embassy Tanzania Tourist Board also took this opportunity to help the country achieve their competitive needs. The Embassy hall was used by the designers show their clothes and art for a whole week as the law of London Fashion Week. Similarly, the Tanzania Tourist Board helped with the input of raw materials used in these activities in order to sell internationally Tanzania.
The winner of the event has grown Estonia. Although Tanzania has not been the first winner was selected among the Ten-Best thing that captured hearts and heads of the organizers, designers, merchants and international talent seekers. This is the first time for our nation has participated in all activities, the three designers from Tanzania Lukindo, Mhando and Jacqueline have taken  Tanzania one step further into a forum for international Fashion and in this business of clothing and jewelry which reportedly has a value of £ billion 10 or shillings trillion 25 of Tanzania

News and Images by Urban Pulse