The collaboration we've all been waiting for, its a raw African inspired collection of Raw denim , 25 pieces, made in Africa from the finest cotton in Uganda..
To launch the campaign they used Africa's favorite icons in fashion and entertainment

Abdellah:The first openly gay Moroccan writer and his celebrated books have been translated into several languages.

Baloji:A fiercely original and acclaimed rapper and producer born in DR Congo and raised in Belgium.
(wearing the ED-Hamidi Tshirts & ED-Kreel Jeans)

Flaviana Matata:An international catwalk model who runs a foundation for the education of orphaned girls in her home country of Tanzania.
(Wearing the ED-Heras Jacket & ED-Paty Jeans)

I See a Different You:I See A Different You are a trio of photographers from Soweto, South Africa with an eye for style and ambition to show their continent in a whole new light.
(wearing the ED-Heras Jacket, ED-T-Eniko Tshirt & ED-Rakee Sweats)

Laurence Chauvin-Buthaud:A rising menswear designer providing local workers in her birthplace of Côte d’Ivoire with skills and training.
(wearing the ED-Tahir Top)

Sy Alassane:An actor and model from Senegal who played the lead in 2011’s Sundance Film Festival official selection Restless City.

Tanya Mushayi:A talented surface pattern designer, stylist and blogger running her own business in Zimbabwe.
(Wearing ED-Esyl Shorts)

Uviwe Mangweni:
An endlessly curious photojournalist and copywriter from South Africa documenting hidden stories with sensitivity.
(Wearing the ED-Tiara Top & ED-Partee Jeans)

Yannick Ilunga:Petite Noir is the recording name of South Africa’s Yannick Ilunga who is championing a new musical movement.
(Wearing the ED-Heras Jacket, the ED-Hamidi Tshirt & ED-Kreel Jeans)