Fear of Witchcraft Halts Electricity Connection

 *Sighs heavily* I Know witchcraft is a big problem in rural Tanzania, but this is ludicrous!
Milo Roman Catholic Church, in Milo Village, Ludewa district
Catholic Church in Milo Village, Ludewa District
A School in Ludewa
Milo Primary School, Ludewa District
Milo Primary School, Ludewa

People in Ludewa village in Ludewa district have refused to have their homes connected to electricity for fear of repercussions from the local witches (wachawi). Everyone is waiting for someone else to take the first step to see what happens. Witchcraft has the village in a grip of fear with people claiming to see the dead walking during the night. Ludewa District Commissioner, Juma Madaha, along with several other officials has been to the village to try and talk some ‘sense’ into the scared community.  However, say the villagers, unless the district commissioner can get rid of the walking dead no one will get electricity into their house. It is believed that witches,  in that village usually target the most successful people in the community because of jealous.-DARAJA PUB,NJombe