Israel's Ethiopian Beauty Queen

We've seen a Lebanese Miss America, An African Miss France an Indian Miss Tanzania..its about time we see an Ethiopian Miss Israel doncha think?

Well here she is, Israels New Beauty Queen...she's even getting a chance to meet Obama next week as he tours Israel, First black American President and the First black Miss Israel...they could give each other tips or two yes?

When President Barack Obama visits Israel next week he will meet with the nation’s first ever Ethiopian-born Miss Israel.Yityish Aynaw, a 21-year-old Ethiopian immigrant, was awarded the title and was the first ever to claim the pageant win.There are about 120,000 Jews of Ethiopian origin living in Israel, about a third of them were born in Israel.Following her victory, Aynaw received a special invitation to meet and dine with President Obama and Israeli President Shimon Peres during Obama’s upcoming trip to the Middle Eastern country.