Oscar Pistorious on Time Magazine

 The fear that South African have of each other, is scary. Can this article change your mind about the security state of the country?

South Africa is steeped in a racially unequal and divided history and present. This makes the haves, especially the rich white ones, like Pistorius, bloody scared of the black male have-nots coming to pillage and rape their women and children, which is why the haves are armed to the teeth, have a private security force and mistrust the criminal justice system run by the country’s first post-colonial black-led government. It makes them so scared and irrational, in fact, that they might mistakenly shoot dead their loved ones three times through a locked bathroom door for fear of the poor, black bogeyman.
If you beat a police officer to death with your bare hands, for example—as rugby player Bees Roux did when a black officer, Johannes Mogale, tried to pull him over on suspicion of drunk driving—it was because you thought you were being hijacked. If you are a well-heeled tourist, like Shiren Dewani, looking to murder your wife while on holiday in South Africa, your story becomes more passable if you hire black gunmen from the township to stage the deed as robbery gone wrong.
“For all its defenses, it [the government] failed to keep violence at bay. By Pistorius’ account, his fear of an intruder, the fear that keeps the people of South Africa apart still, caused the man so many saw as a unifying figure to shoot his girlfriend dead,
”-TIME magazine Africa bureau chief Alex Perry