Restaurants: 305 Karafuu

A Beautiful Dinner I had at the New Restaurant Karafuu 305 in Kinondoni, When you walk in you're taken back to a different world by the beautiful theme, Splash of colors on the walls along with the traditional paintings hanging on the walls. 
The environment was calm and welcoming with a clink of glasses on one corner and a warm smiles across the room, You do notice as you walk in...that there are indeed a lot of foreigners in the restaurant.

I had a chat with  the Restaurant Owner Mr.Severine was gladly willing to share about the restaurant  305 Karafuu, its a month old, Mr Severine designed the itnerior all by himself, From the paint to the spacing, furniture and all, for someone who was once an accountant I can say his interior design skills are top knotch! He's very keen on detailing because he believes detailing is everything and the detailing of this restaurant is spot on. The paintings on the wall are all for sale, if you like them, you can buy them too! 

The food:  The serve a variety of foods from Oriental to Local Foods, their menu being very diverse and full of extravagant choices I opted to go with seafood, I usually  judge a restaurant by their seafood, (bad habit) if their seafood is not upto class then I dont think anything else can win me over. All I can say is, 305 DID WIN ME OVER... The fish tasted Fresh and succulent The presentation of the food as well was beautiful. I like to eat something that my eyes are excited to see.

Over all It was a Wonderful experience and I'm looking forward to eat at 305 Karafuu again!