Sarah Hermitage insults Tanzania

Sarah Hermitage, the British investor that media mogul Reginald Mengi took to court for libel and lost.

Sarah Hermitage is an Investor, British Lawyer and anti-corruption activist thesilverdalecase
 Sarah Hermitage,The British woman has been closely monitoring Tanzanian media and through her twitter page,  has been humiliating national leaders including President Kikwete and Premier Pinda stating that they are corrupt and run a rotten system.
In one account when president Kikwete was quoted in the  media asking the director of the anti-corruption ‘watchdog’ (PCCB) not to hesitate in taking action against corrupt ministers, Ms Sarah was reported by the article to have commented on her twitter page that “it is impossible for a thief to stop another thief from stealing”.Furthermore, when Premier Pinda was quoted by media encouraging investment in agriculture, again Sarah commented that it is impossible to attain agricultural revolution in Tanzania because of “Mugabe style” government seizures of investors’ land, the article reported.
Mbaraka Islam who wrote this piece about Sarah Hermitage got a response from  Sarah

It was reported that Sarah Hermitage has been busy convincing the British government and other western governments to stop giving development aid and grants to Tanzania merely because of her personal grievances.In her campaign, Sarah has also attacked the Tanzanian judicial system claiming that all the judges have price tags on their foreheads.The article also calls for government leaders and all those responsible in preserving Tanzania national image and sovereignty to emulate the efforts of Kigoma North MP, Zitto Kabwe in acting and defending the nation against all sorts of attacks launched by Sarah Hermitage. Even Kenyans came in defence of their president Kibaki when attacked by foreigners.The article further quotes Zitto Kabwe as calling for defence of national dignity instead of bowing down to aid with strings attached. People should emulate how our Father of the Nation, Mwalimu Julius Nyerere was defying exploitative conditionalities of big nations, the article added.-Mbaraka Islam Read the Article here
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