Woman Married to 5 Husbands

If you thought Polygamy was something t hen you  haven't probably havent heard of Polyandry
Wife: They sleep together in turn, but that they do not have beds, just 'lots of blankets on the floor'. Verma does not know which of the brothers is the father of her son
Tradition: The set up may seem peculiar, but it is custom in the small village near Dehradun, Northern India, for women to also marry the brothers of her first husband
The practice of polyandry is believed to stem from the tale of Mahabharata, the ancient Indian epic. The text, one of the cornerstones of Indian culture, sees Draupadi, daughter of the King of Pancha being married to five brothers.It is not legal, but in its most common form - whereby women in polyandrous relationships marry more than one man from the same family - it is permitted.Rajo and first husband Guddu wed in an arranged Hindu marriage four years ago.Since then she has married Baiju, 32, Sant Ram, 28, Gopal, 26, and Dinesh, 19 - the latest in the line of husbands - who married her as soon as he turned 18. 
Happy family: Five brothers (L-R) Sant Ram Verma, 28, Bajju Verma, 32, Gopal Verma, 26, Guddu Verma, 21, and Dinesh Verma, 19, with their shared wife Rajo Verma, 20, and their son Jay Verma
'We all have sex with her but I’m not jealous,' first husband Guddu  - who remains the only official spouse - said. 'We’re one big happy family.'

  • Rajo Verma is  21 and lives in one room with the siblings....yes all the 5 brothers,somewhere in Northern India, EAch night is spent with a different brother and she has a son..by whom? She doesnt know...