16 Storey Building Collapses Dar Es Salaam,

A Sad shame that things like these still happen in a city like Dar, This is what I call man made disasters. Praying for the families of  the victims of the collapsed building, may this be a lesson to shanty builders, a painful one. 
The building fell in Indira-Ghandi Street in Dar es Salaam , till date, 36 people have reported dead  and 18 injured. Tenants around those areas have been evacuated for security reasons.The Owner of the building and  constructor turned them selves in,8 persons are in custody for this mess. May Justice be served hot.

The RC are ported that the National Housing Cooperation (NHC) has been ordered to officially suspend the tenants’ contracts until the safety of the buildings is restored.During Sunday Easter mass, Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania (ELCT) head Bishop Dr Alex Malasusa asked Tanzanians to pray for those who died from the collapsed building.“This is not the right time for pointing fingers … what we should do is to pray for the injured as well as the dead …,” advised the cleric.Speaking at the Azania Front in Dar es Salaam, Bishop Malasusa also cautioned the authorities to learn from the incident referring to it as “preventable if we follow expert advice.”

Like thats not enough
President Jakaya Kikwete was rushed from the vicinity of the collapse site after a nearby building was reported to be in danger of collapsing at any moment.The President, who was scheduled to visit the tragic site for the second time yesterday, but even after coming as close as an approximated 60 metres, he failed to do so.
The building is 16-storey-high but the contractor’s license is reported to be only for construction of 10-storey building.But despite the extra 6 floors, the dangerous ploy went undetected for years, raising questions over the authority’s ability to monitor and enforce safety precautions to protect its citizens and investments.

NHC reported yesterday that they're not anyhow involved with this whole fiasco that they just provided the plot.

“The agreement between NHC and the shareholder states that the construction and supervision of the building were to be left under the construction company which owns 75 percent of the shares. We only provided the plot,” he said.We all know what happened was just an accident. For more than 50 years now, the corporation has never experienced such kind of tragedy in its projects. We have at least 100 construction experts who have been performing their duties with competence in collaboration with foreigner experts,”- NHC Director General Nehemia Mchechu said on February 04, 2007