Madonna writes Joyce Banda a letter

Family portrait? Madonna and Lourdes cuddle up to some Malawian orphans
Madonna was in Malawi just last week with her family when she posted a picture of her cuddling a Malawian child at a Malawian orphanage (Home of Hope Orphanage) raising suspicions among many that she might be adopting another Malawian baby, The Politicians in Malawi are not too happy about her week's visit..She got blasted by the Malawian President Joyce Banda. 

Mrs Banda claimed the singer reneged of a pledge to build a £10million academy for girls and opted to build 10 schools — without consulting officials.
She said: “Where are the ten schools she has built?
“In some cases she just renovated an already existing block. No one should just come here and say ‘I’m building a classroom’ without needs assessment.
“It is an insult to the people.”
Even Malawi's Education Minister  told reuteurs

“There is a misrepresentation out there that Madonna has built 10 schools in Malawi. That is not true because what she is building are school blocks within existing government schools,”

Then again when you think about it, it is  said 4000 children were studying under trees before Madonna injected cash to build the classrooms, external donors claim she is the biggest private donor in the country.
Madonna wrote a letter to the president requesting to meet her, but Madame President denied the invitation and released the letter to the press (harsh) 

Madonna left Malawi on Saturday with her Manager Trevor Neilson stating“Madonna can continue her work here if the politicians don’t want to welcome her because her work is all about the children who are here. The politicians can stay,”