Smart Solutions:Shule Direct

Launched by the founder of it Former Tanzanian beauty queen Faraja Nyalandu with her husband Lazaro Nyalandu at Serena Hotel, Dar Es Salaam

Faraja Nyalandu Launching the website with the guest of honor Hon. Philipo Augustino Mulugo
I call it a smart solution because I think after the great form 4 failure what our secondary students need is portal like this where they can get as much information they need about their yes...BRILLIANT!

             The Guest of Honor was Deputy Minister of Education and Vocational training
                                 Honorable Philipo Augustino Mulugo     
                                               its says in their objectives

To provide a new gateway to knowledge for Secondary School students in Tanzania. Students can learn, interact, share and revise anywhere and beyond school hours.
Improving access to quality education. Academic content is the backbone of an education system. Therefore, provision of quality teaching and learning is of paramount importance to the portal.
To integrate technology in provision of education. It intends to embrace the advantages that technology bring to development and these include but not limited to; access, quality, efficiency, assurance, reach and ease.
To provide official academic information to the community that can significantly improve awareness, preparation and involvement in the education system.
To assist students to manage their personal and academic lives in order to grow in the right direction and become responsible citizens.