UK will cease Direct Aid to South Africa in 2015

International Development Secretary Justine Greeny just announced  UK will cease all direct aid to SA as of 2015. SA is currently receiving  £19m a year and the figure was £40m in 2003.The UK's relationship with South Africa should now be based on trade and not development. This is the sort of relationship African countries should be settling for...TRADE!
"South Africa has made enormous progress over the past two decades, to the extent that it is now the region's economic powerhouse and Britain's biggest trading partner in Africa,We are proud of the work the UK has done in partnership with the South African government, helping the country's transition from apartheid to a flourishing, growing democracy.
"I have agreed with my South African counterparts that South Africa is now in a position to fund its own development.
"It is right that our relationship changes to one of mutual co-operation and trade, one that is focused on delivering benefits for the people of Britain and South Africa as well as for Africa as a whole."

Just 6 months Ago  UK announced to cut aid to India in 2015
Gulp...whose next?