US Offers $5M For Kony Information

The US has offered a reward of up to $5m (£3.3m) for information leading to the arrest or capture of Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony.The announcement came as the Ugandan army suspended a search for Kony in the Central African Republic (CAR), blaming “hostility” from its new government.
Kony, leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army, is wanted by the International Criminal Court for alleged war crimes.
He and his fighters are thought to be in the CAR or neighbouring countries.
US authorities say the reward is also being offered for information on two other top LRA leaders, Okot Odhiambo, and Dominic Ongwen.
The LRA has “tormented and terrorized children” in Uganda and across the region, US Secretary of State John Kerry wrote in the Huffington Post on Wednesday.
Mr Kerry said Kony and other LRA leaders “will not be easy to find”, adding: “The LRA is broken down into small bands of rebels, scattered throughout dense jungle, hidden by dense canopy, controlling territory through tactics of fear and intimidation.”
Earlier, Ugandan troops in the CAR suspended their hunt for Kony and returned to their bases in the country. [Source]
 Goodness me! They're still looking for Kony  O_O
That's a lot of money folks, I can tell there's gonna be alotta people gathering 'Kony Information' This year...