Zanzibar Music Legend Bi Kidude Dies, Rest in Peace Bi Kidude

Bi Kidude's last Public Perfomance at Sauti Za Busara 2013
The Taarab Legend Fatuma Binti Baraka whose estimated age is said to be above 94 has been sick
Her Closest relatives claim she had been in and out hospitals for a while. Just days ago The Zanzibar Minister of Information, Tourism, Culture and Sports Said Ali Mbarouk dismissed claims of the Government Forsaking the Taarab Legend saying they have been monitoring her health closely but cannot take control over her health because her family members were currently taking care of her.  
Bi Kidude's on Inside Africa 

Let us celebrate her life and her achievements...
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The News hit many with sadness, Many expressed their Sorrows on twitter

Eroll Barnett of CNN  who interviewed her for Inside Africa