Big Brother Africa Tanzania Representatives

Recording artist Feza is from Arusha and has a certificate in IT. A fan of French fries and Ugali na Maziwa. She loves Big Brother and says that people always do well after appearing on the show, something she feels is vital for her career. She says that if she wins the grand prize, she’ll invest some, take her son to Disneyland and possibly buy a house. 
Student Nando says he has never watched Big Brother before and says it feels “normal” that the continent will be watching him 24/7. His friends encouraged him to enter and he says that if he wins the grand prize, he’ll “build an empire”.Nando says he wouldn’t mind picking up a few endorsements on the back of his appearance on the show. 
Describing himself as “young, ambitious, fun and loving”, Nando says he’s never thought about his best quality, but likes people with good personalities. His favourite place in Tanzania is Arusha, and globally, Brazil, because he loves football. He eats everything, likes good music and his favourite TV show is 1000 Ways To Die.

So far So good on the Show ..FEZA is already the head of the house!

How Feza did it:The Head of House Task was completely random. All the Housemates were required to reach into a box placed in the garden, without taking a peek. Whoever picked the winning ball would be Head of House.

And Nandos Wants more girls around
While going through Biggie’s inquisition in the Diary Room, - Nando had an unexpected request. He wanted more girls, preferably girls from the Ruby house. When Biggie asked him whether the girls in the Diamond house were not enough for him, he responded by saying, “I like the girls in the Diamond house but I’d like to be surrounded by a lot more beautiful girls like the ones in the Ruby house.”