Greedy Pig Protest Nairobi

Protesters in Kenya  released a pig and a lot of piglest outside parliament to show their anger at newly elected MPs demanding higher salaries.The animals licked blood spilled by a protester outside the parliamentary gates in the capital, Nairobi.The  demonstration was organised by civil society groups, was intended to portray the MPs as greedy.

Pigs lick blood outside parliament in  Kenya (14 May 2013)

Mind you, Kenyan MPs are amongst the highest paid MPs in Africa.Their tax-free monthly salary $13,000 in the previous parliament was cut to around $7,000 and just in January parliamentarians voted themselves a $107,000 send off bonus, their last work before parliament closed ahead of elections.They are demanding  $10,000 (£6,540) because they claim they work very hard and spend a lot of money on their constituents. The organizers who blocked the MPs from entering the parliament forcing them to sign a petition rejecting the $10,000 were arrested as soon as the police arrived.