Huddah The Boss Lady Vs Diva Loveness Love

Nothing makes women go crazy....quite like men. thats if you cancel money and shoes
It all started with this..When Clouds Presenter Loveness Announced her love for Prezzo in quite a classy fashion.

And Prezzo didnt actually deny the rumors according to bbaafrica website he said
 "she's very beautiful and classy…someone you would fall in love with at first sight”
Thats when Huddah Monroe  Kenyan Model/Socialite went wild on twitter in a series of many many tweets below

  1. her sayin Tanzanian men stink,I adore them niggas- “: Duh! What de big issue there?

  1. Hahaha! Tell her!- “: U nid to hold tha fucc up cuff yo pussy bieetchhhhh n stop messin wit
  2. :) “: ahhahaha you are making my day!! ♥”
  3. I'm niggarish- “: Trully a woman.u can turn a nigga with just your tweets”
  4. mwambie,no Tanzanian wants to be associated w her- “: mama on your own i love kenyan girls ♡♥”
  5. bleaching cream is all she can afford- “: no full photo..she is short as fuck.”
  6. There are so many classy women in Tanzania,first of this bitchs clothes look cheap as fuck...don't let me start with the hair

Too ugly,she cant- ": To begin to win this little twitter debacle with , upload a full body photo of your

Sio vita,i just found ur obsession so funny,u even broke u up with ur boyfriend,tumecheka tukaketi chini!-

  1. Ok,so when's the wedding? I might need an invite babes- ": Ya, and thanks "

  1. Theres a gal here she cant stop sayin the way a nigga is her man,she is even waiting for a ring,im on the floor!-
  2. Who? ? ,LMAO! Okay,i thought it was someone else.Good luck with that.- ": He is my baby. It's true "

  1. That shit hilarious...ur baby is right next to his baby...Dont pour ur heart out in public,u look do desperado esp when on twitter!

  1. It was love at first sight??? LMAO! He just wanted to bust a nut...Dont be too hard on urself missy
  2. The way u commented on that article 'my baby' it was so funny- ": Hey. Why doin The Lmaoo and rotfl? What did I do? "

The Diva had just one reply for 'The Boss Lady'