Is Janet Jackson a Billionaire or Not?

We've all heard the reports that Janet Jackson is a Billionaire that her works brought her Billions, that it took her 4 decades but she finally got there but Forbes Blasted those comments stating income value does not give you billionaire status  stating total income does not equate net worth. Net worth is the value of cash and assets you have at the moment and not your total income. 
I guess that teaches us a lesson or two....Your not a billionaire coz u earn Billion a year,your a billionaire coz u own assets worth a billion.
Janet Jackson at Cannes Film Festival, Cinema Against Aids

The Reports Claim
Jackson's entertainment ventures have earned her well over a billion dollars. Jackson has brought in $260 million in album sales alone, with an additional $81 million coming from music and book publishing rights. Her music career has also brought her a total of $458 million in sold-out world tours. Those tours also come with an additional $81.5 million in sponsorships and licensing fees.
While Jackson’s music alone has brought her a total of $880.5 million, she also has an impressive filmography. Jackson’s roles in “Nutty Professor II: The Klumps,” “Poetic Justice” and “Why Did I Get Married?” have brought her an additional $304 million. Altogether, that’s a staggering $1.18 billion in personal income. 

Here's Why Janet Jackson is Not On Our Forbes List
 The Internet is abuzz with news that singer Janet Jackson is a billionaire. In fact several news outlets are saying she is “officially” a billionaire.There’s just one problem: it isn’t true.Jackson owns a lot of valuable songs, likes to take ownership stakes in the products she endorses and is married to reported billionaire Wissam Al Mana (who has also never shown up on our billionaire list). She certainly may be sitting on $1 billion worth of assets. But her net worth is not at all clear from what’s being reported.Net worth is based on the value of the cash and assets you have at the moment, not on how much your work has brought in over a lifetime. When we evaluate whether people will make our annual list of theWorld’s Billionaires, we look at things like stock holdings, real estate and art collections. Oprah Winfrey is a billionaire because of the value of her holdings in things like Discovery and Harpo Productions, not because of the ad revenue her show generated over the years.