Maznat Bridal 10 Year Anniversary 5th of May

It was a Grande Event From the Begging, the setting, the entrance, red carpet, the ushers in their dramatic wigs . Everything looked Grande!
Maznat Gave a Hearty Speech, thanking her family and everyone who helped her reach her dreams and of course sharing with all the thousands of women in house her secret to success. GIVING. Give to the old, Give to the orphans, Give to the less fortunate and God shall always remember you for it. 
She's a beautiful soul that Maznat. 
There was lots of music and dancing, all sorts of music from Gospel to Taarab. 

Omg when it was time to cut the cake we ran to take picture like wild ones haha

She launched a Beauty School that night and a Center for helping orphans ..celebrations...a lot of champagne was popped!

I had the chance to meet some spectacular people... 

Martha, (First Right)

Martha (First Left)
Martha of Prime Advertising. Prime Advertising were one of the sponsors of the event, they Offered a discount of 20% for all women there to advertise on their Magazine. The discount lasts till June! Get Advertising Guys!

 At the Forever Living Table.. These are some spectacular ladies! With Great success stories

The ushers were absolutely lovely!! With their big hair and their faces full of excitement...

Did I forget to mention that all the ladies looked absolutely grande in the Print Material Chosen for the event, everyone went away with it and rocked it in such spectacular styles!

And of Course I chose to wear black....coz i just love to stand out

Images by  Beautiful Imperfections. These Guys have awesome photography Guys Trust me you wont be disappointed  I will be be working with them in all events I will be covering!

Elizabeth From Beautiful Imperfectionz the Mastermind of these photos...Tuuuurn Child!

Check out their page here