Miss Humanity 2013

Miss Humanity International is an innovative pageant with headquarters in Bridgetown, Barbados. Registered on April 4th 2003 under the Business Name Act in Barbados. Its sole objective is to promote and raise awareness about humanitarian causes worldwide. The pageant is open to young ladies ages 18-27 who have a strong passion for community & humanitarian service. They desire delegates to support charities that work to advocate against child labour, HIV/AIDS Discrimination, domestic abuse, genocide, sexual exploitation, human trafficking, hunger, lack of access to pure drinking water or discrimination, poverty.They have delegates who have a passion for human rights causes, who are knowledgeable and capable of promoting such causes internationally.
Every year, the organizers desire delegates to support charities that work to advocate against Child Labour, HIV/AIDS Discrimination, Genocide, Sexual Exploitation, Human Trafficking, Hunger, Lack of Access to Pure Drinking Water, Discrimination, Poverty and more. All candidates are expected to engage themselves in various social activities with businesses and governments to benefit all of humankind through charitable causes.
And Here are the girls!
Miss Humanity Gabon
Miss humanity Mexico
Miss Humanity Panama
Miss Humanity Morocco
Miss Humanity Mongolia

Miss Humanity Colombia

Miss Humanity Antigua & Barbuda
Miss Humanity Algeria
Miss Humanity Belize

Miss Humanity USA

Miss Humanity Trinidad & Tobago
Miss humanity Tunisia
Miss Humanity Syria

Miss Humanit Macedoni

Miss Humanity Portugal 
Miss Humanity Japan