Nursery Nurse sacked for Smacking her daughter

This poses the Question, is Spanking your kids okay? My parents never spanked me... They never had to I was a little angel ..  or at least I like to think I was they have never admitted that tête-à-tête.. They never did and i turned out fine, but can so be said about the rest of Tanzania's kids? A nurse was recently fired for smacking her 2 yr old daughter at work in UK, Birmingham, a little extreme far is too far when it comes to spanking children?
Case: A nursery assistant for smacking her own daughter at work is suing for unfair dismissal
A nursery assistant is claiming unfair dismissal after she was sacked for smacking her own daughter at work.Kyshia Cammock, 25, lost her job at Little Folks Nursery in Birmingham after she hit her two-year-old on the bottom for misbehaving, a tribunal was told.The mother is suing her former employers, Mishi Nurseries Ltd, for unfair dismissal and seeking compensation.
On another note, Tanzania just legalized canning children in schools

Mr Philipo Mulugo, the Deputy Minister for Education and Vocational Training, said that corporal punishment in schools was a means of enhancing performance as the move would keep discipline among the students. "We know the move to re-introduce caning in schools would attract a lot of criticism, especially from those who call themselves as human rights activists," he said.
The punishment was previously banned on grounds that it violated human rights. Mr Mulugo said absence of corporal punishment contributed to the decline of discipline in schools, and consequently may have contributed to the ongoing fall in the performance in exams. "When I was a teacher in Mbeya one of the schools I taught was highly discipline compared to others because of the use of canes," he said.

So it Spanking ever okay? YES! It is! Our fathers were canned by their fathers years ago...No  Human rights activists to come out and say how harmful it was psychologically because they turned out pretty damn good. As long as one doesn't cross the line and overdo it, I don't see Canning children as harmful
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