Riots in Mtwara

The Ugly Protests in Mtwara that left one dead, houses damaged, police kidnapped and property destroyed and  the rest of us Tanzanians quite saddened by the situation including the president who was broadcasted late wednesday  saying "Natural resources, regardless of the region where they are found, are the property of all Tanzanians,''

The Minister for Home Affairs, Dr Emmanuel Nchimbi also said his two cents warnign that frequent incidents of violence, hooliganism and lawlessness would grossly undermine development and stability in Mtwara Region and the entire nation, he added that perpetrators of such acts of violence would be pursued wherever they were and be brought to justice.
 "We cannot condone lawlessness to take root in our nation. "We strongly condemn the latest developments in Mtwara and we vow to pursue all perpetrators who were involved in planning, inciting violence and all those who took part in riots," 
Tanzanian Police already arrested 90 people  and now claim the town is calmer and under control.

Ever since the discovery of natural gas in the region the areas has been in constant turmoil in protest of planned construction of Gas Pipeline , residents of Mtwara fear that they might not benefit from 'their' Gas and want their needs met beforehand.
Reports Say Buses have been prevented from traveling to Mtwara  and the damages due to riots amount to 1.5 Billion Tshs,and the town is not safe this time around, roads are blocked and car tires being burned,a house owned by a member of parliament was set on fire, and some government buildings were damaged others burned.   .   

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