Tanzania To Become Leading Uranium Producer in The World

Another Natural Resource we hope to see the fruits of, Lets Hope Mama Jamila and all her 27 kids get to see the plus positive benefits of being among the top uranium Producers in the world

Tanzania's decision this month to grant a licence to a major uranium mining company could catapult the nation into the top five countries producing the strategic resource, officials say.
The Ministry of Energy and Minerals issued a special licence to Mantra Tanzania Limited, which is owned by Mantra Resources, an Australian subsidiary of AtomRedMetZoloto (ARMZ), a Russian mining firm. ARMZ will build and operate the Mkuju River uranium mine in southern Tanzania through Uranium One, its Canadian arm. Mantra Tanzania Limited has been operating in Tanzania since 2010.
The government granted Mantra a provisional licence in December, when construction on the underground mine started. Construction will take two years, and the site is said to contain at least 36,000 tonnes in known uranium deposits. Various reports suggest that the mine would extract 14,000 tonnes of the radioactive element annually.
Such a rate of production would put Tanzania in a position to overtake Canada as the world's second biggest uranium producer, according to Dalaly Peter Kafumu, the ministry's former commissioner for minerals.
Currently, Kazakhstan is the number one uranium producer in the world, having produced 19,451 tonnes in 2011 and commanding 36% of the world's total uranium production, according to the World Nuclear Association. Kazakhstan is followed by Canada, which produced 9,145 tonnes or 17% of the total production. "Tanzania is going to produce more than that," Kafumu told Sabahi.
Tanzania, nonetheless, would be limited to selling its uranium ore on the international market because it lacks the technology and funding to harness the element for domestic energy use, Kafumu said.