Being a CRDB employee has its perks
AAR  Dr. Kissah directing the house maids concerning children care during the parental skills at CRDB Head offices.

AAR Employees Wellness Programe Manager Josephine Tesha providing trainings to the house maids at CRDB Head office

AAR Employees Wellness Programme officer John Ngonyani training the housemaids at CRDB Head office hall

AAR provided free Parental training skills to house maids of CRDB employees’ end of the week to serve both housemaids and CRDB staffs as wellThe Program prepared by the AAR employees Wellness Program team from AAR insurance for the aim of helping the house maids on how to face challenges they encounter while raising the children and other responsibilities when taking care of the houses.“On behalf of CRDB Company, I would like to provide many appreciations to AAR Company for the opportunity they have given our housemaids, it can be known that the housemaids are the ones spending most of the time taking care of our houses and children while we are at work. My hope this training will be of benefit to them and us employers as well”, said CRDB training Manager Mrs. Agnes RobertThe training program involved several significant things such as, importance of self esteem, how to raise a child, to face and handle health and other challenges occurring at work,“Honestly we are so happy today for this opportunity and chance for us to gain knowledge on parental training skills, this has helped me to understand not only what to do but also has warned me on things to take cautions and guide me through my daily activities, and the importance of self esteem, thank you AAR for the trainings you gave us”, said one of the house maids”. Mariam KayegeThe Parental training skills program will be done again at CRDB and also it is aiming at being a sustainable program to serve different companies and organizations in Tanzania.