We see things sometimes
that are rarely in sight
we hears things
that are never spoken
we feel things that were never right
we take turns to hear them
and pass the token

We go to wars
never called before
 never in store
But we claim we saw
the signs the call
the start of it all
n'yet where is the master?
As we fall

Funny aren’t we human yeah?
With our own swords we kill ourselves
and the thrash ourselves and drill ourselves
fill ourselves
with poison
so deep in our hearts
that It cant be cured
so we’re lured
to a space we’ve never been
never seen
but where could this be?
this war we fight in
who will win
while we fight with ourselves
while our right hand and our left
become deaf
to our own intuition
where’s the plan what’s the mission?

There is no war,
there is no battle
but we rattle
we take our swords and we pierce ourselves
fall to the ground and lift ourselves
and walkway like a soldier
a soldier fights for reason
never treason
in a soldiers heart
treason within the self
who takes a stand on a hill
and with your own sword
you kill yourself.