Another Pastor Attacked in Geita

 Yet another pastor attacked, I hate that these attacks have become a casual,breaks my heart, This needs to stop.

According to VOM contacts, Pastor Robert Ngai of the Evangelistic Assemblies of God of Tanzania was assaulted at his home June 3rd by several assailants armed with machetes. Pastor Ngai was critically injured when he attempted to shield his head from repeated blows of the machetes. Injuries to his hands and arms were so severe, he was rushed to the hospital in nearby Mwanza for treatment in the ICU.
An attempt on the life of another pastor in the same town occurred just three nights earlier.
Free Pentecostal Church of Tanzania Pastor Daudi Nzumbi phoned the police when he noticed a mob of angry Muslims breaking into his home. According to VOM, Pastor Nzumbi says the officer on duty told him the police "cannot potect every pastor" in town. Police were not immediately dispatched to the pastors home, but Nzumbi was uninjured because the assailants ran away after they became frightened by the pastor's guard dogs.[CBN]