Arusha Bombs at Chadema Meetings 15th June: How it happened

You can mute the annoying music..This is saddest thing I've ever seen, I never thought I would ever see this in my own country.  We pray for justice for those involved in such madness and peace for the beautiful city of Arusha.
“The police condemn the incident that seems to be an act of terrorism and one that has caused fears among the residents of Arusha City,” he said, adding that they will do everything possible to ensure that they put in their hands those behind the ugly incident.

IGP Mwema said that the incident is an act of terrorism perpetrated by some few people or a group which does not want peace to prevail in the country.

The IGP said that he will inform members of the public on the work of the investigation team and other security organs as they progress.-IPP media
Warning: Extremely Graphic Video below