Commercial Break: Deport the Statue

Its a campaign aimed at promoting US immigration reform that preserves American culture.
 In this time of crisis, there is no room for negotiation when it comes to the legal status of our nations residents and culture. As Congress debates immigration reform, it is imperative that we do our best to preserve American culture. For this reason, we, the Legals for the Preservation of American Culture (LPAC), have launched a campaign to deport the Statue of Liberty back to France. We call on US citizens, like you, to join us in insisting that our government remove the statue for the sake of our nation's heritage and its future. We need to #takelibertyback and #deportthestatue NOW

But here's the deal, its fake! The whole hilarious stint  poking fun at the US immigrate was made my breakthrough, A Human rights organization working all across United States and India and they're current mission is the recent US Immigration Reform. 
Deporting millions of human beings who have lived and worked in the U.S. for years and call this country their home.That is what’s been happening for years under U.S. immigration policy.Today, we have the chance -- and the power -- to change that. That's why we had to get extra-creative.And we created humorous fictional universe to help build a larger and louder groundswell than ever.