EU is Pushing Tanzania to Prosecute Arusha Bombers

The Most 'Peaceful' country in Africa has taken a wild turn to the left and many international leaders have criticised the way the situation is being handled. With Obama coming to Tanzania we cant be having this....  3 people have already been arrested for the soweto bombings.

The European Union has asked the Tanzanaian government to act swiftly and arrest and prosecute those behind two bomb attacks in Arusha and other serious acts of insecurity in the recent past.The head of the EU Delegation to East Africa, Mr Filiberto Sebregondi, warned that growing acts of violence and failure by authorities to take tangible action against perpetrators could jeorpardise the country’s high standing among members of the international community.
“Bomb attacks which occurred in Arusha on May 5 and on June 15 are very worrisome developments....for a traditionally stable, tolerant and peaceful country such as Tanzania, this is a serious setback,” said Mr Sebregondi.
He said perpetrators of such violent incidents should be identified and prosecuted, so that impunity does not encourage them to continue, he said.