Failed State Index 2013

The Failed State Index is an annual ranking of 177 countries across 12 indicators, that is created by Non Profit Research Organization Fund For Peace and published by Foreign Policy magazine.The Ranking focuses on peace and security in the country.  The FSI focuses on the indicators of risk and is based on thousands of articles and reports that are processed by their CAST Software from electronically available sources. Each year's Failed States Index analyzes how countries performed during the previous year, e.g., 2013's index measures countries' performance in 2012.
With The top 10 failed states being Somalia,Congo,Sudan, South Sudan, Chad, Yemen, Afghanistan, Haiti, Central african Republic and Zimbabwe Respectively.. Many have already harshly criticised the index stating it is flawed for instance, Libya which I can say had the worst year 2012  was 54, how can Kenya be higher than Syria? And are the only peacefully stable African countries South Africa at 113, Botswana  121 and Mauritius 148?


While we Rank 65 on the Failed States Index  right below Senegal 64 and China 66, (which is still not a good number by the way) But way better than our Neighbours  Kenya at 17, Burundi 20, Rwanda at 38 and Uganda,22. 
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