Gaddafi's Billions Found in South Africa

X marks the spot of the hidden treasure and in this case X stands right on South Africa...

Libyan investigators have already met top government officials to discuss locating, securing and repatriating the loot hidden in South Africa  by Gaddafi and his children.The investigators believe there is evidence of more than $1-billion in cash, gold and diamonds being held by four banks and two security companies in South Africa.It could be the largest haul of Libyan assets found until now, although it is only a fraction of the estimated $80-billion of Gaddafi's foreign assets.A follow-up letter sent by ANC head of security Tito Maleka on April 23 confirms that the visit "with our president in Nkandla" is an indication that "the South African government is prepared to cooperate" in "identifying all assets belonging to the Libyan people".
$1 Billion... The remaining balance is $79...*sighs* Lets hope he wasn't good at hide and seek