Jide's 13 Years in Music Concert Rocks Dar

The Diva nicknamed 'Anaconda' Im guessing for her fierce tongue was celebrating her 13 years in the Music industry and was also launching her 6th Album 'Nothing but the truth'. We're told her fans came out en mass and the place was packed. Some even failed to get in.
You know they had to put a big ol  snake inbetween to symbolize her new bound name 'Anaconda' lol...

Alot of artists came out to support her, the likes of Proffesor Jay, Sugu, Grace Matata, Juma Nature Wagosi and many more.
What was more emotional was that it was her Birthday! So when the clock ticked 12.00 Midnight, all her fans sang her a happy birthday and she rushed off stage to hug her mother.

We're told the Money Filled the box and she gave the box to her mother...awww

She also sang a couple of songs she recorded with the Late Albert Mangwea and Langa Kileo.

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Images From: Bin Zubery & GongaMX.