Kenyan Businessmen decline Obama's invite to Dar Es Salaam

Chris Kirubi
Bob Collymore
The Kenyans Proceed to show their frustration over Obama's Tanzania trip. This time Popular Kenyan businessmen Chris Kirubi, CEO of Capital FM and Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore declined an invitation to a meeting with Obama at Hyatt Regency Dar Es Salaam with East Africa's prominent businessmen so he can hook em up with investors from the US of A. Naturally you'd think they'd jump with the joy being amongst EA businessmen chosen to have a meeting with Obama, but the story was quite opposite 
Chris Kirubi released a public statement saying 
“I better be among the Kenyans who would rather say, ‘come home we meet you at home rather than in another person’s land’. I changed my mind and said I will not accept the invitation to go to Dar es Salaam,Kenyans must understand the implications. It’s not a very simple issue; it’s very serious. The fact that his roots are Kenyan, but he is not coming means a lot. He is not a president of a banana republic, he is powerful!” Kirubi told journalists.If Barack Obama visited Kenya, we would feature in every single media in the world. That promotion of a destination alone, we can never afford to pay for it. And Tanzania is now getting that opportunity"
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