Malawi Exporting Youth to Korea: Modern Day Slavery Or Scam?

Sure, President Joyce Banda of Malawi might have thought she was solving the unemployment state in her country when she launched her initiative in March by sending young people to work in Kuwait, Dubai and South Korea saying  "I want them to go and work hard and impress the South Koreans". But South Korea and Kuwait have denied signing any export labour deals with Malawi claiming they want 'skilled labour' and no such contract has been signed.

Malawi plans to send up to 100 000 migrant workers aged between 19 and 40 years to South Korea, Dubai and Kuwait.The government has now launched an advertising blitz for vacancies in the hospitality and agricultural sectors.

The president's plan is to "offer employment opportunities for young school leavers who have nothing to do and [to] address the rising unemployment rates in the country".The Programme states initially some 336 young men and women would fly to the Asian country to work in fields and factories.
She also said the length of each posting would be four years and ten months. She did not end there; she said half of the salary of these “lucky few” would be remitted back to Malawi for government to keep for them. Half of the remaining half would also be retained in a bank in Seoul for them. After all, she said, these people would be provided with free food and accommodation.

The idea behind keeping part of the salaries for the young men and women, said the Ndirande lady, was for them to accumulate enough money to invest in some business ventures at the end of their tour of duty.Labour Minister Eunice Makangala says she went to Seoul to seal the Korean deal and that some officials from the ministries of Labour and Home Affairs would be stationed in Seoul to oversee the programme.
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