#ObamainTanzania The Drama

Obama's coming is causing such a ruckus in the city, small businessmen 'machinga' being moved from their areas of business
Culverts are being cleaning
clogged pipes being unclogged
Mysterious cars with mosquito repellent passing all across the city spraying various areas for our ahem ahem comfort, because our oh so lovely Government love us so much and wouldnt want any of us to suffer any type of 'Malaria' during Obama's visit.
The beggars and streetchildren have been given temporary homes.
And aaahhh yes...of course. they have already put up trees down Shekilango.  Good going Boys, almost thoguth they forgot their 'finishing touch' 
I heard they're even planning to spray a lil perfume over Salendar Bridge. 
The Minister of Forign Affairs even released a statement saying travellers should stay out of Dar during Obama's visit. Yes these guys are serious, They already made National IDs for all Daresalaamians to wear on the day of visit they dont want IDless Tanzanian regionals to screw this up! (i joke)
On a serious note. All of Dar Es Salaam's 5 star hotels have been fully booked as i speak till June 4th. Oh boy. 
Watch the video of Mwenge and Ubungo being cleared up