Tanzania stands tall above Kenya and other peers

“The world powers are seeing in Tanzania something that they are not seeing in any other country here.”-Prof Maria Nzomo, a former ambassador and a lecturer of international studies at the University of Nairobi

Is Tanzania the gold of Africa or is it just easier to do business with Tanzania than any other country in East Africa? More leaders are showing up in Tanzania than any other country in East Africa. 

Another Professor stated  that failure by the west to largely influence events in Kenya under President Kibaki forced them to search for another “pliable” partner in the region.  Prof Macharia Munene, a lecturer of history and international studies at the United States International University. g
If the number and stature of foreign heads of governments that a country receives is a statement of its global importance, then Tanzania stands heads and shoulders above its regional neighbours including Kenya, the largest economy in East Africa.Over the past 15 years, neighbouring Tanzania has received visits from three sitting US presidents. President Bill Clinton visited in 2000; George W Bush in 2008 and this week the White House announced that President Obama will visit in June as part of his African tour. On the other hand, Kenya has never received an official visit from a sitting US president. The only sitting president to visit the country was Theodore Roosevelt in 1906. And even that was a private visit infamously remembered for the wanton killing of wildlife he carried out.The snub by the White House is suspected to be a reaction to the election of President Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto both of whom are facing charges at the International Criminal Court.But the Chinese too have come calling on Dodoma in recent times. After being sworn in to office, the new Chinese President Xi Jinping commenced his tour of African countries in Tanzania. His predecessor Hu Jintao also visited in 2009.-[source]