The First Constitution Draft

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Tanzania's new constitution was unveiled June 3rd 2013 at the Karimjee  grounds by Warioba and his constituional review commission.It is said this new constitution is a result of people's views a total of 1,942 meetings, attended by 1,306,500 people, with 395,000 people providing face-to-face interviews, with 160 focus groups providing their views, and 43 current and retired national leaders. If these meetings took on average 2 hours, that constitutes 233,040 minutes

A Historical Day For Tanzania it comes the hard part....actually reading it..
Highlights of the Constitution
 No dissolution of the UnionNo More special seats for women in the parliament, you want it, run. You dont have to be affiliated to any political party to run for presidency now,Independent private candidates can run for the Presidency.And if you dont like the results, you can appeal electoral results to the High Court , within 7 days.