When Americans Turn to South Africa for Aid

America's Nissan employees are asking for help  from  South African auto union that represents Nissan's production facilities and dealerships, They Claim, The Employees in South African Nissan Plant have more freedom than the American nissan plant in Canton Mississipi.

 In the past couple of years, a number of workers reached out to the UAW (United Auto Workers,forefront of the anti-Apartheid movement, and there is a special bond between the UAW and the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (NUMSA)) for assistance in forming a union, so they could have a voice and a seat at the table to address these concerns of safety, Injured workers risk losing their jobs,Pay scales and benefits  . Hundreds of workers came on board and joined a committee to ask Nissan to conduct a fair union election.Nissan and its Alliance partner Renault, bargain with unions in Japan, Britain, Australia, Spain, Brazil, France and South Africa -- even in China and Mexico. But when Mississippi workers began to organize a union, Nissan cracked down with implied threats that they would pack up and move if American workers dared to seek the same rights as other workers. Now, the Mississippi workers are reaching out to their sister union in South Africa. Here, the company respects the right of workers to have union representation. Here, workers have a voice in restricting use of temporary workers. Here, workers are not afraid to speak up about safety concerns. Here, with a union, Nissan workers have dignity and respect. [HuffingtonPost]