Banana's Thrown at Italy's First Black Minister

Italy's first black minister, Cecile Kyenge is having to deal with a lot of racist slurs and antics,another saddening event occurred on Friday in Cervia, where Kyenge was speaking to supporters. A man popped up out of the crowd and launched two bananas toward the podium, Kyenge spokesman Cosimo Torlo said.
The bananas fell short of the stage, landing between the first and second row of spectators. The Minister shrugged it off and continued with her speech and addressed the incident on twitter calling it a sad waste of food while people are dying of hunger. 
The Congo born Cecile Kyenge was appointed Italy's minister of integration three months ago and already racist slurs and tenures areaa usual in her book
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Two weeks ago, Italian Sen. Roberto Calderoli likened Kyenge to an orangutan. Calderoli, a member of the anti-immigration Northern League party, made the remarks at a political rally.
"I love animals -- bears and wolves, as everyone knows -- but when I see the pictures of Kyenge, I cannot but think of, even if I'm not saying she is one, the features of an orangutan," he was quoted as saying.
After his comments were published, Calderoli said "if I've offended her, I apologize."
Kyenge has also received death threats before visiting an area where the Northern League is powerful.A local politician recently said on Facebook that Kyenge should be raped so she can understand the pain felt by victims of crime, which some politicians blame on immigrants.-Reports CNN
Sad Shame For the world to witness Racism for a humble woman in this fashion. We hear her security has been tightened.