Bestiality on the Rise in Kenya

These reports are rather shocking, whats going on?! The Bestiality reports are almost on weekly basis, and the funniest responses from the men involving in this harsh act claim 'Women are selfish' others even claim women are looking for rich men and they have limited funding. 

First it was at the port city of Mombasa, famed for tourism, where eleven women, including two university students were found having sex with dogs. Then a famous businessman in Tigania was nabbed by police for raping a cow.
It did not end there. Hardly a day passes without a Kenyan man found in a steamy moment with an animal, with the latest being the Nyeri saga where a man has been charged in court for sleeping with a hen and Murang’a where four men were caught having sex with a donkey in turns on Wednesday.
The man in the hen saga was caught by his 10-year old son who alerted his brother, the owner of the hen, who later reported him to the police. Police said they are seeking the services of the veterinarians to establish the cause the hens’ death.The Wednesday 24th occurrence where residents of Nyati Village in Maragua found four men gang raping a donkey has left many Kenyans in even more shock. Residents said that the men had tied the donkey on a tree, a stone throw away from a church. -IQ4 News reports 
Not that its a laughing matter, its not,( no really)  But Ugandans on twitter made it their mission to trend #KenyansAndAnimals.