Big Brother The Chase: Nando-Selly Infected Me With an STD

Nando revealed in a conversation with Bimp that he got infected with an STD from his BBA love interest Selly, Nando has been sick for a while and did see doctors and got medicated and the two have quite lost touch in the house and we wondered why, and we also wondered, what was Nando suffereing from...well,
Nando narrated to Bimpe how he got infected with an STD after his hump and bump with Selly, Chlamydia.
And When Bimp asked him why He didnt use protection, Nando said Selly didnt want to.
 O_O Protection KIDS!!!

Lets not forget  Selly mentioning to Oneal that Biggie told her to be using protection (condoms), it explains that she has also been treated for it.

 The Game just got interesting...